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Engineering Analysis

TriVector provides a multitude of services centering on engineering analysis to the majority of our Customers, who have praised the company for the expansive knowledge base and work ethic of its employees. Among our areas of analysis are: missile performance, concept vehicle performance, software/data timing, thermal, space environments, and reliability. We have performed these services on a number of past and current contracts, including NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) and Commercial Space ventures; Sierra Army Depot and the UAS Project Office for the U.S. Army; and for the Missile Defense Agency’s Ground-based Midcourse Defense (MDA – GMD).

Radar and Missile Performance Analysis

  • Hellfire, Javelin, MDA GMD

Concept Vehicle Performance Analysis

  • Parametric Trade Studies and Sensitivities of Current and Advanced Technologies
  • Performance Analysis with Trajectory/Structural Model Integration
  • Time and Frequency Domain Coupled Dynamics
  • Flight Control System Performance Analysis

Software/Data Timing Analysis

  • Time Synchronization Mechanism
  • End-to-end Latency of Messages across MIL-STD-1553 Networks and RS-422 Interfaces
  • Internal Latencies in Regard to Sensor Measurements and Related Commands
  • Caution and Warning Notification Timing
  • Measurement and Command Latency Analysis
  • Timing and Latency Testing

Thermal Analysis

  • Heat Transfer Analysis to Model NanoSatellite Instrument Thermal Behavior
  • Phase Change Material Viability and Validated Energy use Reductions (e.g. Sierra Army Depot)

Space Environments

  • Analysis of NanoSatellite Orbital Radiation Environment using SPENVIS Space Effects and Environments Tool

Reliability Analysis

  • Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) (Accelerometer, Gyros, etc.) Failure Analysis (Modes and Mechanisms), Fault Tree Development, Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) Assessment and Recommendations, Reliability Modeling using ALT Data