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Modeling & Simulation

Through working with the Civil Space, Defense, and Energy industries, TriVector provides innovative modeling and simulation (M&S) services that interweave with our SE&I and software lifecycle management capabilities, which provides our Customers a well-rounded M&S service. TriVector’s scope of M&S development covers such systems as launch vehicle and subsystems; vehicle architecture; command and data handling; software verification, validation, and accreditation (VV&A); and building damper modeling. We have provided M&S services as part of our MDA, NASA, and U.S. Army contracts.

Vehicle Architecture Concept Model Development

  • Mass, Size, and Performance
  • Mass Estimating Relationship (MER) Development
  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Definition and Design
  • Civil/Military, Solid/Liquid/Hybrid, Ground/Air-Launch, Cargo/Man-Rated

Command and Data Handling/Software Timing

  • Avionics Timing Requirements
  • Data Handling Modeling and Representation

Software VV&A

  • Software Requirement Specification M&S using MATLAB© and Simulink©
  • Software Design Unified Modeling Language (UML) Modeling Standard Analysis
  • End-to-end Simulation Modeling Environment to Evaluate Requirements and Design

Building Damper Modeling

  • Lateral Fluid Harmonic Damper Project to Attenuate Building Vibrations using Fluid Structure Coupling
  • Designed and Modeled Pneumatic Actuation System and Sensing Systems
  • Real-time HWIL Testing and Modeling Validation using Simulink© Real-Time
  • Designed, Modeled, and Implemented Active Control System for the Lateral Fluid Harmonic Absorber (LFHA) system