TriVector Obtains ISO9001:2015 Certification

TriVector Obtains ISO9001:2015 Certification

TriVector obtains ISO9001:2015 certification, qualifying its quality management system as the company expands and grows.

April 6, 2023

TriVector is proud to announce that our company obtained ISO9001:2015 certification in April. This was a company-wide effort led by our business operations team that was planned and implemented over several months. In 2022, TriVector’s executive leadership wanted to establish a robust and foundational quality management system (QMS) that could remain effective and relevant as the company grew.

To measure the efficacy of our QMS, TriVector pursued ISO certification; a highly recognized award that recognizes companies who implement best business practices. As many know, ISO9001:2015 is a requirement standard that outlines QMS elements that must be addressed to meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. The ISO standard provides guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality of those products and services is consistently improved.

In obtaining ISO certification, TriVector has built standardization throughout our organization and developed a system that aims for continual improvement and repeatable success. This certification is yet another testament to the great work of our people and the services they provide to our customers.

Cybersecurity Awareness Talk with TriVector FSO John Durant

Cybersecurity Awareness Talk with TriVector FSO John Durant

Our FSO, John Durant, provides some advice on how you can stay aware and protect yourself, your company, and your family from cyber threats at work and at home.

November 1, 2022
TriVector FSO John Durant

John Durant has been a part of the TriVector family for five years and currently serves as the Facility Security Officer (FSO) at TriVector.  Although he does not work directly in cybersecurity, John works to improve employee awareness of cyber threats through internal practices that include managing TriVector’s security clearance process and cybersecurity awareness training, as well as sharing the latest cybersecurity news and resources with employees monthly.

“I like working as a Facility Security Officer because I know that the work we do at TriVector is crucial to our military strength and readiness.  As a Soldier myself, I understand how important it is to have technological superiority over our enemies.  I also realize that our adversaries are working very hard to steal our technology and how important it is to protect the work that we do that supports the military,” says John.

This year’s National Cybersecurity Awareness theme is, “See Yourself in Cyber,” which encourages everyone to practice cybersecurity awareness no matter the type of job they’re in. At TriVector, John believes that “an understanding of Cybersecurity is crucial to the work that we do for the department of defense.  We can lose years of technological superiority when we allow critical information to get into our adversaries’ hands.  Twenty years ago, someone could steal 400 pages of information on a floppy disk and now someone can steal 300,000,000 pages of information on a thumb drive.  Our adversaries don’t have to physically steal documents anymore but only need to penetrate our networks which need to be updated routinely. Cyberattacks are happening much more frequently and with much greater sophistication.  We have great network security, but we also need employees to understand the risks that they face every day when they login to government and contractor networks.”

When asked what precautionary measures everyone can take to increase their protection against cyberthreats, John suggests for workers to cultivate situational awareness. “In every situation you need to understand what you are doing and the risks involved. At work, your actions can jeopardize the entire network and our daily actions in our personal lives could do the same,” says John. Developing cybersecurity awareness is vital in today’s digital world where everyone can easily access the internet and communicate through it within various applications and networks. Unfortunately, this also offers an opportunity for malicious people to prey on the millions of online users and companies who are oblivious to these cybersecurity threats while utilizing the internet. In addition to the cybersecurity training that many companies offer now, there is a plethora of online resources and articles available by reputable sources such as the National Security Agency and Computer Security Resource. “Seeing yourself in cyber” should be a daily practice at work, home, and while on the go while utilizing your phone as cyber-attacks can come from anywhere but remaining vigilant and informed of these risks and threats will create the best defense.  

TriVector Wins Best Places to Work Award

TriVector Wins Best Places to Work Award

TriVector was selected as one of Huntsville’s Best Places to Work at the 2022 Huntsville/Madison County Chamber of Commerce’s Best Places to Work luncheon at the Von Braun Center.

August 16, 2022
TriVector receiving the Best Places to Work award (from left to right, Caitlin Sampson, Nate Gibson, Alex Garner, Karen Ochoa-Reyes, Carol Ann Russell, and Tim Kauffman)

On August 16th, TriVector received the honor of being named one of Huntsville’s Best Places to Work by the Huntsville/Madison Chamber of Commerce. TriVector was selected as the Bronze Winner in the Medium Category (51-100 employees) from among 22 highly credentialed contenders. The Best Places to Work award is based on the results from employee surveys, with questions geared to assess a company’s culture and how well employers care for their employees and customers. CFO Tim Kauffman accepted the award on TriVector’s behalf. “This is a great honor. We have such great customers and serve such great prime contractors,” Kauffman said upon receiving the award. “We have such great employees, living in the greatest city in the United States […] I can’t help but feel that TriVector got caught up in something and all we can say is that this due to a lot of other people’s hard work and the hard work of our employees, the fantastic work that has made this a great city […] It’s a privilege to be caught up in all that is going on,” Kauffman added, holding up the trophy in thanks to a captive and cheering audience. This is an award for which TriVector and all Huntsville have a high amount of respect and our company is truly honored to receive it.

We extend a gracious thank you to the Huntsville/Madison Chamber of Commerce for doing the work to put on this wonderful event every year and a warm congratulations to the other winners and contenders at this year’s ceremony.

You can follow the link here to view all of the 2022 Best Places to Work award winners.