TriVector’s current Customer base contains two Strategic Business Units (SBUs): Defense Systems and Civil Systems programs. We use our teams’ years of engineering and technical experience to provide the best support to all of our Customers. As a demonstration of our dedication to our Customers’ goals, TriVector has an array of success stories and has been praised by Customers for the team’s dedication and expertise. Through our experience, performance, and value, we solve critical customer challenges and deliver superior technical solutions.

Defense Systems

TriVector serves the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) in many of its capabilities. We provide systems engineering and integration (SE&I), modeling and simulation (M&S), and configuration management and data management (C/DM). Specifically, we also offer requirements management, software safety and airworthiness, and software test and IV&V to agencies such as the Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) and the System Simulation, Software, and Integration Directorate (S3I).

Customers We Support
  • U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), Aviation and Missile Center
    • Software, Simulation, Systems Engineering, and Integration Directorate (S3I)
    • Technology Development Directorate (TDD)
    • Systems Readiness Directorate (SRD)
  • Missile Defense Agency(MDA)
    • Ground Based Midcourse Defense (GMD)
  • Program Executive Office (PEO) Missiles & Space
  • Integrated Fires Mission Command (IFMC) – formerly Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD)
  •  Prototype Integration Facility (PIF)

Civil Systems

TriVector has an extensive amount of experience providing quality services to its Civil Systems Customers, which include NASA, NOAA, Dynetics, and commercial space industries. For Civil Systems, we utilize our expertise in such capabilities as: project management, systems engineering and integration (SE&I), modeling and simulation (M&S), and configuration management and data management (CM/DM).

Customers We Support
  • NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)
    • Space Launch System (SLS)
    • International Space Station (ISS)
    • Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS)
    • Planetary Missions Program Office (PMPO)
    • Huntsville Operations Support Center (HOSC)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
    • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program Office
    • Office of Weather and Air Quality (OWAQ)
    • National Cooridnation Office (NCO) for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing
  • Oshawa Power
  • Leidos/Dynetics
  • Alabama Defense Manufacturing Community (ADAMC) consortium
  • Auburn University
  • The University of Alabama in Huntsville