Farewell from TriVector

Farewell from TriVector Pioneer Employee, Bill Anglin

Bill Anglin, one of TriVector’s first generation of employees, retires from TriVector.

August 5, 2021

Shortly after retiring from NASA in 2008, I joined TriVector and served in the Ares Project Office and as the configuration management team lead in the Ares Upper Stage Element Office. With the cancellation of the Constellation Program, I was reassigned to the Space Launch System (SLS) Stages Element, where I served as the Configuration Management (CM) team lead for over 10 years. Additionally, I was the TriVector Configuration & Data Management (CDM) line manager.

Probably my greatest achievement was leading a team of CM professionals through the design and development of the SLS Core Stage, the heart of the most powerful rocket developed by NASA. I am proud to have been just a small part of that success and I am anxiously awaiting the launch of the Artemis-1 mission later this year.

The TriVector owners have always made their employees’ well-being a top priority. That was one of the founding principles and is still the foundation of everything they do. There are many instances where TriVector Management went above-and-beyond expectations to care for their employees and families. I know, personally, and I will never forget the caring, compassion, and support shown by this professional organization. I am proud to have been associated with such a high-class organization.

TriVector prides itself in hiring professionals and providing a healthy and wholesome work environment. The opportunities and benefits offered by TriVector to those just beginning their careers are unparalleled. I would encourage young professionals to check out what TriVector has to offer; it’s a great place to begin and succeed.

As I begin my new life in retirement, I wish TriVector and all employees the very best success in the future. Take care of each other and treat people as you want to be treated.

Bill Anglin, CSM, USA, Ret.