Marc Verhage Appointed to ASE Advisory Board

On February 12, TriVector’s CTO and Senior Vice President, Marc Verhage, was appointed to the Department of Aerospace Engineering (ASE) Advisory Board at Mississippi State University for the 2024-2028 term. This appointment reflects Marc’s exceptional expertise in his field and highlights his commitment to shaping the future of aerospace engineering education and research. As a member of the ASE Advisory Board, Marc will play a pivotal role in advising on critical matters such as curriculum development, research initiatives, and faculty enhancement. During his tenure, Marc will work to foster critical connections between alumni, students, and the industry.

In accepting this esteemed appointment, Marc has embarked on a journey of leadership and service to the aerospace engineering community. His passion and dedication for the field, coupled with his many years of experience, ensures that his tenure on the ASE Advisory Board will be marked by significant contributions and transformative impact.

Mississippi State’s Department of ASE was founded in 1935 and has a storied history of educating up and coming engineers in design, fabrication, testing, and analysis of aircraft and spacecraft. For more information about Mississippi State’s Department of ASE, please visit their website at the provided link: Mississippi State Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Congratulations, Marc, on this tremendous achievement. Your appointment to the ASE Advisory Board is not only a testament to your expertise, but also an indicator of exciting possibilities for our industry, Mississippi State, and TriVector.