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TriVector and Energy Huntsville’s AMC Pilot Project a Success

on Wednesday, 30 September 2015.

TriVector and Energy Huntsville’s AMC Pilot Project a Success

As reported in the Redstone Rocket, TriVector’s Senior Sustainability Engineer, Charles King and Energy Huntsville teamed up with Jennifer Morgan, the facilities energy program manager for Army Material Command to develop a plan to save energy at AMC facilities across the nation. AMC, Aviation Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center and partners from Streamline Automation, LLC and TriVector Services, Inc. met two years ago to begin work on integrating energy saving technologies into the warehouses at the Sierra Army Depot in Herlong, California. The team presented the results of the Sierra Army Depot pilot project at the Aug. 18 Energy Huntsville meeting.

The warehouses, which act as ammunition storage facilities, are World War II era buildings constructed as early as 1942. The facilities are located in a dry, isolated climate making them ideal candidates for energy improvements. King spear-headed the installation of Bio-Phase Change Material or PCM into the ceiling of one warehouse while leaving a second warehouse unchanged. PCM is a wax material that captures heat and in the process slowly melts, absorbing a huge amount of thermal energy. The absorption of energy stabilizes the building temperature reducing the need for heated and conditioned air. For four months, the team monitored the interior and exterior temperatures of both buildings and the results showed a 50 percent reduction in natural gas usage.

Based on the results from the pilot project, Sierra is interested in expanding installations in the future when funding becomes available. Energy Huntsville will continue to work and collaborate on ways to save AMC energy and reduce operating costs.

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