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TriVector Welcomes Jim Turner to the Team

on Friday, 03 May 2019.

TriVector Welcomes Jim Turner to the Team

TriVector is pleased to welcome Mr. James E. (“Jim”) Turner to the company.  With over 37 years’ NASA experience, Jim was the Associate Director for Technical Management, Engineering Directorate at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) since December 2014 and has made significant contributions to NASA’s space exploration and manned spaceflight programs throughout his career.  For TriVector, Jim will be supporting Systems Integration efforts within the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

Starting as an engineering aide in the Reliability and Quality Assurance Office in 1981, Jim has served NASA in a myriad of capacities: Executive Assistant to the Center Director from 1991-1993; Space Shuttle Main Engine Project Engineer from 1993-1996; and Chief Engineer of the Advanced Reusable Transportation Technologies Project from 1996-1999 and Project Manager from 1999-2000.  Jim also served in 2000 as Deputy Manager of the Subsystem and Component Department in MSFC’s Engineering Directorate, eventually becoming Chief of Operations for the Propulsion Systems Department in 2005, where he managed a $30 million budget.  Jim assumed the role of Lead Engineer for NASA’s Constellation Launch Abort System Smart Buyer Team from January-April 2006 for the Ares I crew launch vehicle.  He was appointed to NASA’s Senior Executive Service (SES) Deputy Director of the Spacecraft and Vehicle Systems Department in 2008.  Capping off his extensive NASA career, Jim co-led an Agency review of the role of technical authority within the Agency in 2017 and resided at MIT Lincoln Lab developing collaboration opportunities in 2018.

Jim holds a Masters degree in Materials Engineering and Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University.  Among his many awards are NASA’s Medal for Outstanding Leadership, NASA’s Exceptional Service Medal, NASA Space Flight Awareness Award, two MSFC Director’s Commendations, and two Invention Awards.  Jim is married to Dawn Mercer Turner, and they have two children, Anna and Eric.